What is CrossFit KLEW?

We’re 40,000
square feet of

From your very first step through the container, you’ll realize we’re all about the success of our members. At CrossFit Klew, we want to help make you better at the things you love to do. We’re a community in pursuit of virtuosity and doing common things uncommonly well. If you’re committed to a better lifestyle, better relationships, and better fitness, then CrossFit KLEW is the place for you!

We follow CrossFit founder Greg Glassman’s vision that fit people and strong communities change the world, and we strive to be the epicenter of that vision.

Our prescription is simple. We use the same functional movements that you use everyday, and we vary it all so we’re ready to perform any task the real world throws at us.


Constantly Varied

Functional Movement

High Intensity

Medicine Ball
Box Jump

Ever pick up a box from the floor? You just did a Deadlift. Put that same box on a shelf? You just Cleaned it, and Pressed it, too. The variable that makes it all work? Intensity. Get what you give, and the results speak for themselves.

We love ‘em.
They aren’t our favorite.
Well, that’s why we do it.