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Class Definitions

* | ON-RAMP /’ón-‘ramp/ (n): The gateway to WOD classes that teaches you the fundamentals of CrossFit.

* | WOD /’wäd/ (n): Short for “Workout of the Day” — it’s constantly varied to improve your fitness!

* | SWEAT /swet/ (n): The athlete looking for a good ‘ol sweat without the heavy weightlifting. We work on the fundamentals of CrossFit with a bit of speed and a lot of sweat.

* | YOGA /ˈyōɡə/ (n): This isn’t your “Namaste” yoga class! Revolving more around athletic movements and poses, this class is more intense than your average meditative yoga session. CrossFit KLEW’s yoga is restorative in nature, centering around mobility, core stability, and balance.

* | BARBELL /ˈbärˌbel/ (n): For the athlete looking to become a heavy hitter in weightlifting and the fundamental lifts [Snatch and Clean & Jerk].

* | ENDURANCE /inˈd(y)o͝orəns, enˈd(y)o͝orəns/ (n): To help improve athletes running technique while improving your efficiency and capability in the sport of running.

* | GYMNASTICS /jimˈnastiks/ (n): From the beginner to advanced athlete, gymnastics helps to managing movements to perfecting movements.

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