This is the gateway to CrossFit! During these sessions, you will learn everything -- well, almost everything: the essential movements and skills, as well as how to perform them safely, effectively and efficiently. You'll also learn how we define health and fitness, and how we use CrossFit to achieve both. The core classes -- three a week for two weeks -- last an hour each, and consist of a short talk, a skill-teaching session, a workout, a cool-down, and a recap. In addition to helping us get to know each other, On-Ramp lets you get comfortable in the class environment and develop new friendships with the whole CrossFit KLEW community. And when you've completed the course, you’ll be ready for some awesome CrossFit action - two weeks, six group classes included!


One hour classes consisting of a brief lecture, skill session, WOD, and cool down. Learn the foundations of CrossFit: air squat, deadlift, press, etc., and advanced movements such as the clean and jerk, snatch, and muscle-up. The course emphasizes technique -> consistency -> intensity. Become comfortable in the class environment, develop new friendships, and make your life better.

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The rundown

  • Learn the real functional movements (Shake Weight not included...).
  • Learn the skill builders: Everything from burpees to rows.
  • Play with cool toys: kettlebells, rings and more!
  • Nutrition: Want to feel better and look great naked? This is where it starts.
  • Powerlifting 101: Lift some heavy stuff!
  • Learn the olympic lifts.
  • Join the Workout of the Day classes after the six core classes -- that's two more weeks, six group classes included!

Group Sessions $199

In On-Ramp, you will learn almost everything you need to know to get healthy and fit with CrossFit. We'll teach you the essential movements and skills, as well as how to perform them safely, effectively and efficiently -- we'll give you workouts, too! While introducing you to the class environment, you'll develop new friendships with the whole CrossFit KLEW community!

One-on-One Sessions

If you'd like to arrange One-on-One Sessions On-Ramp sessions, contact us so we can set you up with one of our coaches! We're happy to work with you individually to help you reach your fitness goals.
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Been there, done that?

Test out!

If you have been participating in CrossFit training at home, at your local "Globo" gym, or at a registered affiliate, a test-out is all you need. We think it's awesome that you want to jump right into training, and we want to make sure you can perform basic movements safely and consistently. A quick check, and you can join the WOD classes and take the CrossFit world by storm---maybe you'll even win the CrossFit Games someday...

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