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$30, or a $20 in-store purchase…

Experienced CrossFitter? Maybe you’re in town on business looking for a workout. Maybe your car stalled on Cottontail Lane and you’re looking to kill some time. Maybe you want to learn what CrossFit Klew is all about. No matter what brings you to our doorstep, our Drop-in option gives you the flexibility to come in for a one-time workout no matter where life takes you next. One price, one workout, one unforgettable CrossFit experience.apparel

Punch Card

Purchase your punches here…

Not ready to commit to a long-term membership? We understand, and that’s why we offer a Punch Card—a.k.a., our KLEW Card. You can purchase a set number of classes and attend them as you please. No fights, no messy breakups, just good old-fashioned noncommittal CrossFit. 3, 2, 1 KLEW!


CrossFitted before?

Meet with a coach

clipboardIf you have been participating in CrossFit training at home, at your local “Globo” gym, or at a registered affiliate, a test-out is all you need. We think it’s awesome that you want to jump right into training, and we want to make sure you can perform basic movements safely and consistently. A quick check, and you can join the WOD classes and take the CrossFit world by storm — maybe you’ll even win the CrossFit Games someday…


teach me how

If you have not experienced CrossFit before, we have a plan! On-Ramp will introduce you to all of CrossFit. You will learn everything — well, almost everything: the essential movements and skills, as well as how to perform them safely, effectively and efficiently. You’ll also learn how we define health and fitness, and how we use CrossFit to achieve both. The core classes — three a week for two weeks — last an hour each, and consist of a short talk, a skill-teaching session, a workout, a cool-down, and a recap. In addition to helping us get to know each other, On-Ramp lets you get comfortable in the class environment and develop new friendships with the whole CrossFit KLEW community. And when you’ve completed the first six classes, youÂ’ll be ready for some awesome CrossFit action – two weeks, six group classes included!