Brandon Emmons
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""Anything worth doing, is worth over doing. Moderation is for cowards.""

Starting at a very early age, I was introduced to as many outdoors and sporting activities as possible. Being apart of competitive sports throughout my life has prepared me for the many challenges that CrossFit has thrown at me. After playing football at Delaware Valley University I joined the Navy, where I was apart of the Naval Special Warfare for a short period of time. Since my early Discharge from the Navy I searched for the competitive lifestyle I was always envolved with. The competition aspect of CrossFit is definitely what initially attracted me to this sport but the community is what kept me involved and striving to improve myself as well as others around me. I am looking forward growing and continuing my career as a coach at CrossFit KLEW. Most of all, I am extremely excited to be a part of the coaching staff and the KLEW family.


  • CrossFit Level 1